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Christmas Tree Netting and Netting machines

The Christmas trees will usually be sold with the foliage displayed to its best advantage, however once the customer has chosen their tree it is easier to transport it to their home when it has been wrapped in netting.

The netting protects the branches against damage in transit and makes the Christmas tree easier to handle. It also reduces needle droppage in their car. Therefore we recommend and can supply netting and netting machines.

The netting machine is a funnel through which the tree is passed and pulled out the other side wrapped in netting.

Cut and block service available

We can “point” trees up to 7ft (2.1m) and provide sturdy blocks into which the trees can be inserted which helps when displaying the trees.

Above this height we recommend displaying the trees in sturdy Christmas tree stands for greater stability.

Customers often prefer the rustic, natural look of these blocks to a plastic or metal tree stand however they do not allow the tree to be watered to maintain freshness therefore the customer should be advised that water holding stands are preferable, especially if they are purchasing the tree very early and expect it to remain fresh until or beyond Christmas.

Stands, wreaths, lights and ancillary products

We have a range of stand sizes to suit all trees from 3ft to 12ft that consumers will often request to buy from you when purchasing their Christmas tree.

We supply the high quality Cinco tree stands that allow the tree to be watered which will prolong its freshness and prevent it drying out too soon. These are easy to use and are adjustable to allow the tree to stand straight.

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