Grading and Measuring of trees

We operate a clear grading and sizing system

Our Christmas trees are SIZED from the base to halfway up the leader. They are categorised in feet. eg. a 6 foot tree will be between 6 and 7 feet tall.

Please be aware that most suppliers now measure trees to the tip of the leader. Therefore a tree that is 6ft at its tip would be priced and sold as 6 ft by most suppliers whereas we would classify and price it as a 5ft tree

Many suppliers also grade trees in 25 or 50cm increments. A tree that is 175cm at the tip of the leader would be priced by some growers as 175-200cm and would not be a 6ft tree, however we measure trees in 1ft increments so a 6ft tree will be 180-210cm to half way up the leader. This is very important when comparing prices from various suppliers.

Our Christmas trees are GRADED as follows:

Premium grade: These are the top grade of tree and have the most regular shape with bushiest foliage.

Standard grade: These trees represent excellent value for money and are ideal for the consumer on a budget who is willing to accept trees which may not have the perfect symmetrical shape and fill. These are all very popular sellers.

Cut and Potted trees:

The satisfaction of the customers is of major importance, but without qualified, experienced and serious growers this is of course impossible to achieve.
We therefore co-operate with and buy our products from the very best growers to whom quality and service are essential.
We are currently taking un-announced spot tests checking the quality of the plants before they leave the grower but we are ourselves in charge of the tagging and controlling of all Christmas trees.

According to agreement and at a reasonable extra charge we can to our garden centre customers deliver saleable plants with photo labels with bar codes as well as selling price if requested.

We Grade, size and tag all trees ourselves to ensure consistency.

We take the greatest care of our plantations. Our trees have a good density, a conical form and a desirable coloured foliage.

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