We supply a wide variety of products

Cut trees

These trees have been chopped down and will need a Christmas tree stand to display it upright. It is best if these can be stored with the trunks in water to keep the product as fresh as possible for your customers so we recommend water holding stands. Alternatively we can supply wooden blocks into which the cut trunk can be inserted and this is an attractive but inexpensive way to display the trees to your customers. We have Pot Grown Fraser Firs Non-drop ​and Nordmann Firs available in 2 qualities - budget and premium.

Potted Trees

We also supply Fraser Fir trees in pots as an alternative to a cut tree. As the Christmas tree has not been chopped down it can be classified as a "living" Christmas tree. This type of tree is gaining in popularity as the trees tend to stay healthy as they still have their roots and the soil can be watered like a houseplant to prolong the life and keep the tree healthy. People often plant these in their gardens after Christmas, however there is no guarantee that they will survive as they may have been kept too warm while indoors. There is no need for a Christmas tree stand as it comes supplied in a plastic pot filled with soil. This type of tree is very popular for those who want a small table top tree.

Types of tree

Nordman Fir

This is currently the most popular Christmas tree in The UK and will be requested by your customers who may also refer to it as the "non-drop" Christmas tree. This is due to its fantastic ability to retain its needles far longer than other species of Christmas tree. It does not have the strong smell many people associate with Christmas - it has a very mild fragrance. The needles are very soft compared to other types of tree so this tree is often requested by families who are worried about children or pets hurting themselves with more prickly needles.

Norway Spruce

This type of tree used to be more common, however as people have started putting trees up earlier and earlier, it has become less popular as it is unable to hold on to its needles and tends to die far sooner than the Nordman. It is known as the "Traditional" Christmas tree and has a lovely shape and Christmas fragrance so is still sought by some traditionalists despite its fragility. We do not supply these for wholesale purposes as the vast majority of consumers require the tree to last longer than the lifespan of the cut spruce.

Fraser Fir

This is a non drop variety very similiar to a Nordman Fir and has a faint citrus scent. We supply Fraser Fir trees that have been grown in pots and will still have their roots in soil within the pot. As the pots are dug out of the soil in the fields, they may be a little muddy and require a wipe. The soil can occasionally dislodge in transit and the tree become loose so trees occasionally require to be straightened so they are perfectly upright after transportation.

Ancillary products

Christmas Tree stands

We supply Cinco water holding stands in various sizes to fit all heights of Christmas Trees. They have a large resevoir that can hold water to allow the tree to drink which will keep it healthier longer. They also have adjustable screws that allow the tree to sit straight even if the trunk is uneven.

We also supply wooden logs that are an attractive and rustic yet inexpensive way of displaying the trees. If the customer uses this instead of a water holding stand the tree will have a shorter lifespan and will start to wilt earlier.

Netting and Funnels

You and your customers will find it easier to transport the trees if they are netted. Therefore we can supply you with a funnel and quality netting sheaths.

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